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    • Every member has to submit a copy of his/her CNIC before departure.
    • Every member must keep his/her ORIGINAL CNIC.
    • Personal weapons are strictly not allowed.
    • Any type of Drugs and Alcohol is strictly not allowed.
    • Member should have to report 30 mints before departure time.
    • Maximum 10 Kg Cargo bags are allowed & every member is responsible and have to carry its own luggage.
    • Member must have to behave ethically with his/her fellow group members.
    • Otherwise company can cancel his/her membership at any time.
    • Company is not responsible for personal injuries and accidents.
    • Company is not responsible for loss of any kind of valuable item.
    • Company reserves the right of all pictures and videos made by the team (not participants).
    • No returns will be made in case of cancellation of booking before one week of departure date.
    • Company can cancel booking at any time.
    • Company can change terms and conditions at any time.
    • I understand to abide by the rules & regulation & by-laws of the company, to be enforce from time to time.
    • I understand that the adventure/outdoor activities carry a potential risk of personal injury. I further undertake that neither.
    • I nor my heirs or legal representatives shall raise any compensation from the company.

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