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Is Gwadar a good vacation spot?

Is Gwadar a good vacation spot?

When it comes to Balochistan (or Baluchistan), which is the largest and metaphorically the most underdeveloped region of Pakistan, doubts are bound to cloud the mind.

Can Gwadar be more than just a seaport? Does Gwadar have the potential to entertain tourists? What does one do in Gwadar? Is it family-friendly? Does any travel and tour agency in Pakistan provide trips to Gwadar? Is a day trip enough to visit Gwadar?

And many questions like these occur in mind.

To be honest, when it comes to Pakistan tours and Trips to the most beautiful places in Pakistan, Gwadar or any place in the South did not stand a place. A few years ago, it really didn’t. But since the building and reconstruction of the Gwadar Sea Port, the dynamics of this hidden pearl has changed.

You know like they say, there is more to a sea than just waters. Gwadar fits this example.

To make it easy, let’s get you through some scenic pictures of the beautiful natural delight of Balochistan (included under the Southern trips in Pakistan by Eventica Travels

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