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Travelling on a Budget?

Travellig on a Budget?

Travelling is all fun and adventure until it comes down to managing expenses.Even if you book through the Best Travel Agency in Pakistan, you need a financial guide and a plan to work out all expenses. A perfect travel and tour package includes leisure, satisfies food and accommodation need and is not a burden on the pocket.

Now when it comes to traveling in the North or South of Pakistan, or any place in general, there is always a choice. Some of the best travel guidance blogs might give you an overview of Places to visit in Pakistan however, You spend what you CAN spend.

Most (read 99.999%) of potential clients ask us about a general budget line for a particular trip. It first begins with choosing a tour package in best price. While it is not a definite answer, here is how we give an estimated breakdown of a budgeted trip to Pakistan that includes extra-curricular activities.

First, accommodation. Of course it depends on each client’s preference, hotels can be arranged within a budget of  Rs:5000 to Onwards Food, also a choice of basic to lavish, can start from a mere 1000/ per meal and go further on.

Coming to avtivities , these can be opted as per pereference. Here is a list of activities that are offered in various spots in Pakistan with an updated price list as per 2022.

While this cannot be a definite measure, it does help simplify and create a budget for travelling in Pakistan. For further concerns and clarifications, contact Eventica Travels and Tours.

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